I’ve been a thinker, learner, leader, creative strategist and teacher in one form or another from earliest days. I brought extra papers home to play school when I was in elementary school which eventually helped me finish my Master’s in Education a few years later. After teaching in public education for a bunch of years and having my first child, I took my place in ministry where I started writing sketches and planning arts for worship services and found my alter-egos in characters and costumes…I was glad that worked since I got voted off the worship team. The children’s ministry needed somebody to lead it, and I found myself escorted into a position I didn’t really want at first. It wasn’t until I saw how all the things in my backpack were all leading to this place that I realized that I was meant for making sure kids were seen, valued, offered life….where they could be encouraged to run after and find an everyday faith living on their Heavenly Father’s lap and jump into the adventure of being part of His big story. I became a zealot for creating the most relevant and influential place I could for kids to discover and embrace that kind of relationship; where families would be reclaimed and restored as God did His thing in them and for building a team of half insanely passionate adults to do it with me.

Now I work for the ReThink Group with pure genius people who all share the same passion I do to inspire and equip ministry leaders to invest in influencing the next generation and revolutionize what they do.

I’ve had the best of times and the worst of times and learned some things along the way.

I’m passionate about reading or thinking by a fire either lakeside or in my living room, being outdoors in places that aren’t man-made and finding ways to make beautiful, restful spaces all around me. I’m in love with my husband of 20some years and think my kids are my favorite people.

There’s more but that’s what the notes in my backpack is for…


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